Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Don't forget to pack your big boy pants!

Oh yes, once again poaching wireless. This time from a coffee shop in Golden, CO, where I just finished a nice play session to break up the Cali- North Cackilack drive.

Just got off two classic runs in Cali, did Devil's Canyon on the Middle Feather right into the Clavey. Devil's canyon is typically a 3 day run, but we tend to rally through the class 4 boogie and make 3 days into 2. Good times. My buddy Alex came out from NC to join in, it was his first taste of true California whitewater and after getting lit up in a big hole he was nothing but a shit-eating grin for the rest of the trip. Beautiful scenery, top notch rapids and warm weather. What more can you ask for?

How about another overnighter?


Just as we were taking off the Feather, I got the call from Burnham- "Dude- we're putting on the Clavey and doing the upper and lower into the Tuolomne in 2 days. Pack your overnight stuff and get ready for some Cali class 5!"
So I had no choice but to drive the 6 hours from the Feather to the Clavey and arrive at the take-out at 3 am and sleep for a couple hours before rallying with the crew to the put-in.
Now the Clavey run involves ~20 miles of class 5 on the Clavey proper and another 7 or so on the Tuolomne (did I spell that right?) at 6500 cfs. Good times- big water play in a fully loaded creek boat.

I'd write more on these runs, but I gotta get driving. Got tons of video footage from both and the previous month up in OR/WA and my crash on the South Yuba (14 stitches!), hoping to get a little teaser up within a few days!

Oh yeah, and major props to Dan for kicking some ass on the Wenatchee!

--Selander out!


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