Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Holy crap, it's almost April!

Huh, this semester is flying by... just realized that there's only 6 or so weeks left in the term (I should really get cracking on writing my master's, eh?), and only 3 until the 2007 Collegiate Nationals! (ooh! check out the website too...)
While Dan and Leif and others are creeking in Cali right now (I think...) I'm still in NC working away and tring to get out and playboat a bit. Been a decent amount of water, few days local on the Neuse and Haw and a trip to the Charlotte park here and there. And plenty of pool sessions.

Although today it's sunny and 80 and change, so it's gonna be a lake flatwater session.

Better than smelling like chlorine.




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