Thursday, April 12, 2007

Welcome to the Icebox!

Landed in Reno yesterday morning, just in time to get in a good afternoon session at #3 downtown (where the freestyle comp sunday is going to be held). Good to be back at this spot- lots of tricks possible and not too hard to pull off a lot of stuff.

But it's kinda cold.

Woke up this morning to this-

Macy's backyard... uh..... man, i love february! er, crap- it's april, huh?

Anyway, the snow had melted by 11, so it was time for a morning/ early afternoon session.
The water had dropped a little from yesterday- making the hole a tad shallower and bonking a bit more regular. Not to worry, all the tricks are still possible, but you gotta be careful.

After an hour or so of freezing, I decided to break for lunch. Where I am now.

Drying off my wet capilene.

The dryer's almost done, and it's time for the afternoon session! Good times.
I've been taking a bit of video footage, I'll try and edit that up and post it tonight.

Live from Reno!



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